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Vascular Disease Treatment Spring Hill FL Patient, Mack Is Living Pain Free Now, Thanks To Vascular Surgeon Dr. Ken Wright

Vascular disease treatment Spring Hill FL patient, Mack was suffering from leg pain, leg cramps, and leg swelling. Mack didn’t know that his problems were related to venous insufficiency and that with a quick and simple laser vein treatment his symptoms could be alleviated.

Mack’s doctor recommended that he go see a vascular surgeon because vascular surgeons are the only ones who have the training and qualifications to properly treat all vein and vascular diseases.

After seeing vascular surgeon Dr. Ken Wright and having a diagnostic venous insufficiency ultrasound and laser vein treatment at The Vein and Vascular Institute, Mack can enjoy his life and his family to the fullest again, free from leg pain and stress.

After his venous insufficiency treatment, Mack feels more energetic and feels like he can do things now that he couldn’t do before treatment. Here is the story of how Mack overcame venous insufficiency so he could enjoy life again:

“Hey Mack, I appreciate you coming to The Vein and Vascular Institute today to talk about this. Now you have a very common condition, Venous Insufficiency. And like I told you, a lot of people are diagnosed with it and a lot of people aren’t. Can you tell us what kind of symptoms you were having?

I was having problems with my legs.

What kind of problems were you having with your legs?

I was having leg pain, my muscles in the back of my legs were feeling like a charley-horse (leg cramps), and my leg was swelling. My primary physician recommended that I go see a vein and vascular doctor.

So you came and saw me…it was perfect.

And it turned out to be Dr. Wright, and he was right.

Now tell our viewers, the diagnostic procedures that we did here in the office, pretty smooth right? Yes.

Pretty easy for you to do? Oh yes.

And covered by your insurance as well, right. Yes.

And the vein procedure we did to fix the problem, equally as easy, correct? Yes.

Back on your feet pretty quickly? Oh, about 8 hours later.

So let me ask you this question Mack, if you knew you had venous insufficiency earlier would you have come to see us at The Vein and Vascular Institute sooner? Oh yes, sooner, yes.

And the important thing nowadays with everything, the venous insufficiency ultrasounds and the venous insufficiency laser treatment, all covered by your insurance, correct? That’s right.

Everything was covered by insurance with the exception of your stockings, you need those. I had to pay for my surgical compression stockings and a $10 office visit co-payment. But the little money that I spent, less than $100 I would say, for that, it was well worth it.

Mack I know you mentioned that you had a lot of friends who had the same venous insufficiency symptoms, and you were going to send them my way…why?

If you want to get rid of the venous insufficiency symptoms. The procedure worked so good that you will really enjoy it because you’re pain free now…takes off a lot of stress.

And it was easy to navigate getting your appointment, being seen, getting your follow-up appointment? That’s right it’s easy, simple too. Good staff of people working for you at The Vein and Vascular Institute. Good, glad to hear it. I’m glad I met you guys. I appreciate you being a patient.

In general, it’s a laser vein treatment procedure that I recommend that any man that’s over the age 45, if he has some of the vein disease symptoms that I had, he needs to contact a vein and vascular surgeon and Dr. Wright is the one that I would recommend. Because I’m 67 years old now, but I don’t feel like I’m 67 now, after having treatment for venous insufficiency…it gave me energy. I can do things now that I couldn’t do 6 months ago.

The laser vein treatment doesn’t take more than an hour, or an hour and a half. You have fear in you when you get ready to go into this little process to have the procedure done, but after you calm down, it’s no big deal.

I wish I would have had it done earlier. I was assured through his staff that everything would work out okay, because I was a little nervous and I had one of the staff members tell me to go ahead and do it because I did it and I was satisfied with it. I’m glad that I followed her suggestions, because my first appointment… I cancelled it.

And by me going through the little procedures of them getting me ready for this EVLT procedure, I found out I wish I would have done it earlier.

My daughter, she’s 11. I play tennis with her, softball…I jog, I ride my bike with my other sons. I can do things now that I couldn’t do, let’s say 4, 5 months ago. I feel much better now. I’m not stressed out from the leg pain anymore.

I advise anybody, any man having the stressful symptoms that I had, talk to your doctor about it. Vascular Surgeon, Dr. Wright, when he assured me that the EVLT procedure was going to be alright and I would feel better, I was a little hesitant because older people don’t like to go to the doctor. But I’m glad I had the procedure performed.

I can do mostly anything my sons can do, I just can’t do it as long. But I’m enjoying life now.

If you have vein and vascular problems, don’t wait too long because the longer you wait the worse the symptoms are going to be. 2 hours or an hour and a half that’s no time to spend to get rid of leg pain…especially with Dr. Wright. I know why Dr. Wright has that name now, because Dr. Wright, he is right.”

If you are experiencing leg pain, leg cramps or leg swelling you may be suffering from Venous Insufficiency.

Venous insufficiency is a progressive vein disease that only gets worse with time, if left untreated.

Early diagnosis and vein treatment are the best ways to cure this vein disease and get rid of its stressful symptoms.

At The Vein & Vascular Institute of Spring Hill our Board Certified Vascular Surgeons treat venous insufficiency using endovenous laser ablation to close the diseased vein, quickly restoring healthy circulation through your legs…so your legs can feel great again.

To schedule a vein consultation with one of our Spring Hill Board Certified Vascular Surgeons, give us a call today at (352) 505-1737.

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    Vascular Disease Treatment Spring Hill FL Patient Reviews Dr. Wright
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