Aneurysm Surgery Patient Steven Is Grateful For Dr. Jones


Aneurysm Surgery Patient

Steven Is Grateful To Dr. Jones For Saving His Leg And His Life

Steven was suffering from a pseudoaneurysm behind his knee and was in danger of losing his leg and possibly his life if he was not urgently treated.

Thanks to Dr. Jones’ vast experience and his passion for providing unsurpassed care to his patients, board certified vascular surgeon Dr. Jones was able to save Steven’s leg and life after performing a four hour surgery.

When Steven woke from this surgery and realized that he was alive and he still had his leg, he was so happy and grateful for the extraordinary surgery that Dr. Jones performed for him.

Steven's Testimonial About Dr. Brandt Jones

“Hi my name is Steven. In December of 2016 I went into the hospital to have a routine arthroscopy on my right knee. The next day I developed a pseudo-aneurysm in the back of my knee.

After my visit with the surgeon the following Monday I was told that I had a possible blood clot or aneurysm that developed in the back of that leg and I was asked to rush over to the ER at Medical Center of Trinity.

It was there that they performed three ultrasounds and an angiogram and found out that I had a pseudo-aneurysm.

They also discovered that I had fistulas in that leg as well.

They told me that I would have surgery that evening and if not, possibly the next day.

A couple of days went by after I was admitted and I got to meet Dr. Jones.

Dr. Jones proceeded to tell me that he spent a couple of days trying to find a case study that was like mine and could not find one.

He proceeded to tell me what he was going to do to help me and that the worst case scenarios would either be amputation or I could lose my life due to severe blood loss during the procedure.

The following day was surgery and from what I understand it took almost 4 hours for the procedure but that the doctor managed to save my leg and he ended up saving my life too.

To my surprise, when I woke up and saw that I was alive I was really really happy and my bed that I was lying in in the intensive care unit was lying flat and I kept looking for the “up” button on my bed and when I found it I mashed it with my thumb and I just closed my eyes and was just hoping to see two feet at the end of that bed.

At that moment when I could see it I was just excited to see that I was in full tact and I couldn’t be any more thankful for Dr. Jones and what he was able to do.

When I got to see him the following morning, he came in to tell me what he did, how long it took, how much of a job that it was for him, but that at the end he said that I should be able to make a recovery. We just didn’t know how long it would take and that I would be setting a bench mark.

I am here to say now that I have made a complete recovery from this procedure.

The blood is flowing freely and even better than in my other leg, from what certain friends who are in the medical field have checked out for themselves.

I look forward every year to come to the office here to get my check-up. Everybody here has been very good since that operation and has made me feel no fear and has made me feel very positive about my future.

I just can’t thank Dr. Jones enough for that and his staff for making me feel welcome and for making everything such a smooth transition.

I recommend Dr. Jones to anybody. He is a Godsend and he is just a very prolific performer of this type of work.

I thought I was going to be gone.

I thought the worst of this whole scenario and he has never changed. That is one thing I can say about Dr. Jones…he has never changed his attitude or his demeanor from the moment I met him to moment that I see him now every year.

He has just maintained the positive, straight-forward approach to what he does to me and what he has done to help me.

And if he did that for me, I’m sure he’s doing that for everybody and I would definitely recommend him just for that alone.

He has had such a big impact in my life and I’m not even sure if he really knows how much that he means to me, even though I don’t know him on a personal level.

What he did for me, I could never have paid anybody else to do that for me and I am really grateful for that.”

At The Vein and Vascular Institute we are proud to have the largest private practice group of board certified vascular surgeons serving the community. Our highly skilled and trained vascular surgeons are the top in their field and are happy to be saving limbs and lives everyday.

Leg pain is not normal and could be a result of a vascular disorder. Early diagnosis and treatment is critical in saving limbs and lives.

If you or a loved one is experiencing any type of leg pain, leg swelling or circulatory issues, our vascular surgeons recommend having a vascular consultation as soon as possible to determine whether your issues are related to a vascular disorder.

To schedule a vascular consultation with one of our board certified vascular surgeons give us a call at (352) 505-1737.


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